Catholics in Maine gave about $86,000 in September to fight a gay marriage law.

According to a statement released by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, a one-time collection taken in church masses raised $41,000 towards the campaign to repeal Maine's gay marriage law approved by legislators in the spring.

Additional envelopes were provided for parishioners to donate to Stand for Marriage Maine, the group behind the repeal effort. The envelopes totaled an additional $45,000 in donations, Marc Mutty, the group's chairman, said Friday. “Certainly a reasonable amount,” he said.

Critics of the effort were not impressed. “For the collection to only produce basically 43 cents per capita of Catholics in Maine doesn't seem to be a ringing affirmation that Catholics are supporting the bishop's position,” Anne Underwood, founder of Catholics for Marriage Equality, a group that supports the gay marriage law, told the Kennebec Journal.

The diocese also said that its first financial report to state officials includes $33,000 in in-kind services, including the salaries of two employes – a secretary and Mutty, the director of public affairs for the diocese. During the July to September period, the diocese collected $214,000 from 56 dioceses and bishops to be donated to the campaign to end gay marriage.