The Tennessee Titans on Saturday released a statement calling on state lawmakers not to approve multiple bills targeting the LGBT community.

Lawmakers are expected to begin debating the bills this week.

“The Tennessee Titans oppose discrimination in any form,” the NFL team said. “We are long-standing supporters of Tennessee Thrives. Discriminatory legislation hurts all of us. It also impacts our ability to secure events like the 2019 NFL Draft, major conventions, major athletic contests and other events that benefit our local and state economy. It also weakens our ability to recruit new business and industry to Nashville and to Tennessee. We would encourage our elected officials to keep us on a path that protects all our citizens, our growth and our economy.”

One bill being considered would allow child placement agencies to deny same-sex couples, while another would require the state's attorney general to defend school districts that assign bathrooms to transgender youth.

The Titans also signed an open letter to lawmakers opposing the legislation. Various corporate businesses, including Amazon, Bridgestone Americas, Dell and Warner Music Group, and 50 local businesses also signed the letter, which was organized by the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce with support from the Tennessee Equality Project and Freedom for All Americans.

"Legislation that explicitly or implicitly allows discrimination against LGBT people and their families creates unnecessary liability for talent recruitment and retention, tourism, and corporate investment to the state,” reads the letter in part.

Lyft, Hilton, IKEA and Warby Parker have also criticized the bills.