In an Instagram post with his boyfriend and manager RJ Garcia, popular YouTube star Mikey Bustos announced he's gay.

“Life is sweet!” he captioned a photo of himself wearing rainbow glasses. “Thank you for the outpouring of love, guys. @Appleboyrj and I see all your messages and never in our wildest dreams would have imagined the amount of support coming in from all corners of cyberspace, media, and the world! Figuring out how to navigate life in the most authentic and positive way has been such a long +37 yr journey for me, and at this moment, I feel I’ve reached some kind of karmic jackpot! It’s 2019 (as my dad put it when I came out to him a few weeks ago), and a great time to be alive LGBT.”

In another post, he captioned a photo of himself on a beach with Garcia: “Exact opposites, but a perfect match! [heart, rainbow, apple emojis].”

Bustos, who is Filipino-Canadian, is followed by over 1 million people on two YouTube channels.

In a tweet, he said that he had hinted at his sexuality in his music.

“For those of you who follow my original music, the songs might have a different context now,” Bustos tweeted. “To help me cope, I wrote so many songs about being bisexual/gay/closeted in my two albums. … I was looking forward to the day I could explain what those songs were really about, and hoped it could help someone who was in the same position as myself at the time.”