Lee Daniels, the co-creator of the Fox drama Empire, has confirmed that he's backing a gay superhero film.

In January, Daniels teased the project in an Instagram post, saying that his gay superhero film is “in the pipeline.” He said that he had dreamed of making a gay superhero film for over a decade.

Speaking at the TIME 100 Summit, moderator Van Jones of CNN asked whether “rumors” about the project were true.

“It's true!” Daniels reportedly replied. “It's called Superbitch. I found him [the hero] on Instagram of all places. He does backflips and he has a cape and he does karate and, oh my God, he's going to be a hero!”

“I'm not putting that much money behind it; a couple million dollars for a gay superhero movie is pretty fucking exciting,” Daniels added.

“With a name like Superbitch, you gotta promote it,” Jones is quoted as saying by Deadline.