EJ Johnson, the son of Magic and Cookie Johnson, was asked during a recent interview whether he's planning to transition.

The 26-year-old publicly came out as gay in 2013. After appearing on E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Johnson became the subject of his own reality television series, EJNYC, which ran for one season on E!

During an appearance on Just The Sip, E! News' weekly interview show hosted by Justin Sylvester, a viewer asked: “Does EJ ever want to transition? Does he ever think about it? Was it a possibility?”

“I've answered that question multiple times,” replied Johnson, who was wearing eye shadow and lipstick. “I like myself the way that I am. I'm very happy with myself.”

“I don't feel that I'm in the wrong body. I feel like this is the body I'm supposed to be in. And I can dress it up, you know, mild to wild, dress it down, wear nothing at all. I can be butch. I can be fem. I can do whatever I want with it and work with it.”

“And so I don't feel the need to transition. I'm almost 100 percent positive I won't. I'm just very comfortable in my own skin. I like my body. If I want to put on a wig and a bead and give you something really, really fishy [feminine], then I'll do that. But I don't want to do that all the time,” he said.

Johnson added that he's out of his “ho phase” and ready to start “something real.”

“I needed it to come to this point where I'm, like, that's great and cool but it's time for something real, because I never really had, like, a serious, serious, like, relationship before,” he said.