On his The 700 Club program, Christian conservative Pat Robertson advised a father on how to react to a young person coming out as transgender.

In a segment titled “Your Questions, Honest Answers,” a father named Mickey wrote in to ask: “My son is 21 years old, and he told me and my wife one day after we came home from Church, that he is a now a woman. I told him that you are my son, not my daughter. He got upset and decided to go to his Aunt instead, since she is living as a bisexual. My wife and I feel lost. We want our son back, but what can we do? Can we ask our church to help us in any way?”

“Well, I think you need to do a lot of prayer. You need to do a lot of love,” Robertson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, advised.

“This whole business about transsexual has just gotten out of control. You know, it's amazing how people are being misinformed and they are being led to extreme surgical procedures, extreme hormonal treatments and things like that.”

Robertson said that many transgender men and women regret their decision to transition.

“I think the culture is just screwing people's minds up and I think we ought to be free from that. … How do you deal with that? Get somebody that's a peer, somebody that he will respect to sit down and talk to him. And say, 'Get real.' … Do you want to get your organs cut off? You want to have a woman's sex organs put in? Do you want to take hormones and have breasts like a woman? Or do you want to walk around like a man? And are you willing to go through all that? And the young man's gonna say, 'Not really.'”

“Where does it come from? It's a delusion that is coming upon people, this idea,” Robertson added.

The 700 Club has featured numerous LGBT individuals who claim their lives improved once they altered their sexual orientation or gender identity.