In a The 700 Club segment, Christian conservative Pat Robertson told a woman that she was wrong to confront a gay couple at a restaurant who were showing affection for each other.

During the segment, titled “Your Questions, Honest Answers,” a woman named Christine asked: “I am a Christian woman who was out for dinner with a female Christian friend. Not far from our table there were two men sitting there kissing a lot. I felt sick and had to confront the men, telling them that this is a sin. The restaurant staff told me I needed to leave. I was trying to help these sinners, and got treated like this. Did I do something wrong?”

The 89-year-old Robertson told Christine that she was wrong because the men did not ask her for her “help.”

“It's not your business,” Roberson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, told the woman. “It's before God. We want to pray for those men. If you don't like it, you want to get up and leave, by all means leave, but we can't go around all over the world telling people that they're sinners and telling them they're doing terrible things.”

“When you're invited into a situation and somebody says, 'would you help me,' well, by all means, help them. But I don't think we should impose ourselves on people … the way you did, I mean, you weren't invited to that table,” he added.