In a statement released this week, Mat Staver, president of the Christian conservative Liberty Counsel, criticized reintroduction of a federal LGBT protections bill.

Reintroduced earlier this month with bipartisan support, the Equality Act is a federal bill that seeks to prohibit discrimination against people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

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Staver, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, said that passage of the Equality Act would unleash “unconstitutional chaos in America.”

“The Equality Act is not about equality,” Staver said. “This bill eviscerated religious freedom and targets churches with an LGBT wrecking ball. This bill pushes the LGBT agenda on all people and targets Christianity in every area of life – including the church. There also will be an increase of sexual assaults when males ‘identifying as females’ are allowed to use girls and women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. We will see an increase of instances where Christians and others are being punished unless they violate their beliefs in order to comply with such a law. And that is just the beginning of unconstitutional chaos in America.”

Staver's Liberty Counsel represented Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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