On his The 700 Club program on Thursday, Christian conservative Pat Robertson told a woman that Christian businesses that refuse service to gay couples are not being ungracious.

During a segment titled “Your Questions, Honest Answers,” Robertson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, was asked whether Christians who refuse to serve gay couples are “judging too harshly?''

“Regarding the increasing cases of Christians refusing to take part in LGBTQ weddings – like refusing to bake cakes or create floral arrangements – is this considered the right thing to do in the eyes of God?” a viewer named April asked. “Are we standing up for our faith, or are we judging too harshly? Many Christians in my area say that we can still provide those services to them even if we disagree with what they're doing, and that it's the right thing to do in the end to make people feel welcome. Please share your thoughts on this.”

“This welcome-y stuff is nice,” Robertson answered. “You know, I love the sinner but I hate the sin. You can show love and compassion to people, but it doesn't mean you need to participate in their activities. And building a wedding cake and participating in a ceremony of two people getting married who are not of the opposite sex, not heterosexual, homosexual, or lesbian – you're participating in it. So, there's nothing wrong with saying no.”

“You're not being sinful or ungracious to do that,” he added.

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