At a press conference on Tuesday at the White House, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro reiterated his opposition to LGBT rights.

Bolsonaro spoke at a White House Rose Garden joint news conference with President Donald Trump.

Speaking through a translator, Bolsonaro commented on his government's “respect for traditional family values” and opposition to “gender identity.”

Bolsonaro also said that his admiration for the United States has “only increased” since Trump took office.

“Brazil does not have a president who is anti-American,” he said.

During his nearly three decades as a congressman, Bolsonaro has openly criticized LGBT rights, and he once described himself as a “proud homophobe.”

In 2011, he stated that he would “rather his son dies in a car accident than be gay,” and two years later he stated that he would “rather have a son who is an addict than a son who is gay.”

In January, Jean Wyllys, Brazil's first openly gay man elected to the Brazilian Congress, resigned his post and fled the country, citing death threats against him. In response, Bolsonaro tweeted “great day.”

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