Rob Kearney, a professional strength athlete who came out in 2014, married his boyfriend, Joey Aleixo, on an Australian beach on St. Patrick's Day.

The wedding took place just days after Kearney, 27, took first place at the 2019 Arnold Australia Pro Strongman contest.

“So we did a thing,” Kearney, whose Instagram handle is “worlds_strongest_gay,” captioned a photo on Instagram from his wedding. “We didn’t tell many people, but on March 17, 2019 @worlds_gayest_strongman and I got MARRIED!! To call this man my husband is a dream come true and he is and always will be my soulmate. I am so excited to start this new journey as a married couple and my heart has never been so full of love #husbands.”

Aleixo, whose Instagram handle is “worlds_gayest_strongman,” added: “March 17th, 2019 is a day that i will never forget. Today is the day that I OFFICIALLY MARRIED MY BEST-FRIEND! @worlds_strongest_gay you will always have my heart and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.”

Actor, bodybuilder, and the former Republican governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulated the couple on social media, tweeting a photo of himself embracing the couple.

“I think this is a first: winning the @arnoldsports Strongman and getting married in the same weekend. Congratulations guys. I was honored to celebrate with you,” he captioned the photo.

As governor, Schwarzenegger twice vetoed legislation which would have legalized same-sex marriage in California.

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