In an interview with The Guardian published Saturday, Tan France, Queer Eye's fashion guy, talked about coming out.

The 35-year-old France told the outlet that he realized he was gay at 13 and started telling people three years later.

“I knew I was gay, I just didn't know the word,” France said. “There was never a time I was attracted to women.”

“I wasn't a dramatic child. I remember thinking, 'OK, that's a thing. I'm not going to try to change it. I don't feel wrong.' I don't remember any adverse feelings except, oh shit, you probably need to figure out how to hide it,” he said.

When he began to study fashion at Doncaster College at 16, France began coming out to friends and family. He said his family was shocked. “They had planned a whole heterosexual life for me, and it was just shocking to hear that plan was never going to come to fruition,” France said.

France, who was unknown prior to the show's launch, added that being on Queer Eye has given him a platform to represent his community.

“The show has given me more than I’ll ever know, and not just financially or in terms of fame,” France said. “It put me in a position to represent my community in a way that I had never seen. And, I’m not just talking about the gay community, I’m talking about the Asian community.”

Netflix will begin streaming Queer Eye season 3 on March 15.