In a recent interview, Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye's food and wine guy, talked about the makeover show's upcoming third season.

Speaking with The Diamondback, the University of Maryland's student newspaper, before an appearance at the school, Porowski was asked what fans can expect from the new season.

“I said it for season two, and I think it still very much holds true for the upcoming season, but inclusivity and diversity continue to be the focal points of the direction that we’re headed with the show,” Porowski answered. “We actually had conversations about the types of conversations we want to have. For example, myself as an immigrant, that’s an important story that I wanted to tell.”

“Also – much better balance with women to men! Because not only men need help. I think everybody does, or everybody needs help in general. Not just from us, like we’re lifesavers – sorry, I’m trying to be a humble Canadian.”

Porowski also talked about his relationship with his co-stars.

“It’s kind of like family,” he said. “I’ve gone through phases where I haven’t gotten along with my sisters and then when I’ve been very close, but they’re still family at the end of the day. And the five of us have experienced this really strange phenomenon of being thrust into public life on this show that carries out such an important message. And we get each other.”

“I love those guys. We just spent a bunch of time in Japan together and it was amazing. I’m so excited for that season, it’s really good,” he added.

Netflix will release Queer Eye season three on March 15.