In a new podcast interview, Dolly Parton said that she believes being out is fashionable and denied lingering rumors that she's gay.

During an appearance on The Dan Wootton Interview podcast, Parton, who married husband Carl Dean in 1966, denied rumors that she is in a relationship with best friend Judy Ogle.

“So people say that – because you can't really have a great relationship with a woman,” Parton said. “I'm not gay but I have so many gay friends and I accept everybody for who they are.”

“Judy and I have been best friends for 64 years, since we were little kids. Our parents knew each other, we grew up together, we were like sisters, became best friends.”

Parton, who said that if she had been born a man would have been a drag queen because she loves “all the flamboyant stuff,” questioned artists who come out gender fluid, pansexual or bisexual.

“For me, I'm still an old timer. Sometimes I think it's just become kind of fashionable to speak out like that,” she said. “I think they just want to be part of that whole movement to make people think that they're so free and all that. But I don't really know how they feel inside. I know how I feel inside.”

“Miley, she does a lot of stuff for effect, and I think a lot of them do,” Parton added, referring to her god-daughter Miley Cyrus, who in 2017 came out as “a gender neutral, sexually fluid person.”