During a recent podcast appearance, Rita Ora discussed the backlash she faced following the release of her bisexual single “Girls.”

On the track “Girls” from the album Phoenix, Ora, 28, sings, “I ain't one-sided, I'm open-minded. I'm 50-50 and I'm never gonna hide it.”

The song's lyrics were criticized by several out artists, including Hayley Kiyoko, who said that she doesn't “need to drink wine to kiss girls.” Kehlani said that the song had “harmful lyrics.”

Ora apologized in a post, and added that she has had previous relationships with men and women.

On the What's The Tee podcast, Ora said that she “definitely didn't mean one bad intention.”

“The fact I survived that made me so happy, because it was pretty dark. It's like making a baby, putting it out in the world, then it getting brutally attacked,” Ora said.

Ora added that she understood how not having come out publicly opened her up to criticism.

“But when I came out, I think people looked at it, because they didn't know about my experience, like I was using the culture – which was understandable. I never looked at it like that because I knew I'd experienced it. But I forgot that nobody else knew that,” she said.