East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer's alleged transgender life is no longer alleged.

After losing a primary election to challenger Gary Norton on September 29, Brewer has admitted to photos of himself dressed in sexy lingerie and makeup leaked to various media outlets shortly before the election.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Brewer told Les Trent that he posed for the pictures for a girlfriend.

“No offense, but you weren't the best looking woman,” Trent says.

“To the lady I was with, I looked great,” Brewer responded “We had a good time.”

While Brewer denies that he fits the definition of a cross dresser, he won't reveal if he wears women's clothing on a regular basis.

Brewer was livid that Cleveland's NBC affiliate, WKYC Channel 3, broadcast the racy photos in a segment titled Picture Controversy just days before the primary election. He also alleges that his opponent, Gary Norton, and the East Cleveland Police Department are responsible for the leaked photographs. Both have denied any involvement in leaking the photos.