Jazz Jennings, the 18-year-old star of the TLC reality show I Am Jazz, says in a new interview that she worried about how complications with her gender confirmation surgery would affect other transgender teens.

The fifth season of I Am Jazz, which premiered last month, documents Jennings' gender confirmation surgery, which took place in June. Her team of doctors has described Jennings' surgery as “the most difficult case” that they have encountered.

“To undergo the surgery and have this major complication, it was pretty much a nightmare,” Jennings told LGBT glossy The Advocate. “You know, any time you have this big operation, you want it to go perfectly. And at first, everything was going great, it was amazing. And then, about a week later, once I got the dressing packing catheter removed, everything kind of went downhill and I experienced wound separation.”

“So it was really intense, but what I had to do in that moment was adopt the mindset of my future self. I knew that as gloomy as things seemed in that present moment, that in the future, things would get better, and that I would be fully healed one day doing cartwheels and splits and everything that I was able to do before. And look at me now. Now, I'm here.”

“We definitely had concerns to how the transgender community was gonna respond to the surgery episode. Specifically, with the complication that I ended up enduring. I worry that it would make kids and families fearful, and, of course, we don't want to incite any fear in anyone. But it's the truth of what happened to me and I did end up experiencing this really fluky thing. It's a very rare complication but I hope people can learn that no matter how hard it may seem in that moment, that if you stay strong, you can get through it.”

“I think [that] by sharing my surgery experience, people can really see that I'm just a normal girl, living my life, wanting to go through with this because this is my choice,” she added. “We are are humanizing the transgender experience. I am just a girl that happens to be transgender.”