Speaking Saturday at the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) New York Gala, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized President Donald Trump's record on LGBT rights.

After stating that the progress on LGBT rights has been “phenomenal,” Cuomo added: “But something funny happened on the way to the party, and what happened is spelled TRUMP.”

“What's worse than just one man's ideologies; it's not really about just President Trump. He has brought an extreme ultra-conservative philosophy to Washington that is looking to impose its will on this country.”

“Which, by the way, is totally hypocritical to conservative theory, right? Conservative theory is limited government – leave it to the states, leave it to individuals. They have this schizophrenic conservative view. Which is this activist conservatism that is going to be imposed on you.”

Examples Cuomo gave included views on abortion, religion, and LGBT rights.

“They have their own view on lifestyle and they are anti-LGBTQ, period. They do not approve of that lifestyle. And they're going to impose it on you,” Cuomo said.

“And what is worse, I don't even believe it is a genuine mentality or orientation. I believe it's a political tactic. And it's the oldest, most insidious tactic in the world, it's called divide and conquer. People are afraid of differences.”

Cuomo said that he's proud that New York “has done more than any state in the United States to advance the rights of the LGBTQ community, period.”

“In New York, we believe in love and unity. … I love New York because New York loves you,” he added.