In a recent podcast, out singer-songwriter, actorTroye Sivan wondered whether his sexuality is holding back his music career.

The 23-year-old Sivan is currently promoting his second studio album, Bloom.

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Appearing on Homo Sapiens podcast, Sivan said that he wondered whether the world was ready for gay pop stars.

“I have a great management team and great label, and I haven’t had this conversation with anyone else in fear because I hate it, hate it, hate it when pop stars sound bitter or blame any sort of lack of success on anything other than for themselves. I don’t want to come across like I’m saying that at all, but this just feels like a safe space where we can have an open conversation,” Sivan said told hosts Chris Sweeney and Will Young.

“Part of me wonders sometimes if I would be more commercially successful if I wasn’t gay or not as 'in your face gay.' I think we’re in a really interesting time in music right now where we are seeing more and more queer artists pop up, but we don’t have a queer Taylor Swift, we don’t have a queer Rihanna, or a queer Beyoncé.”

“It’s not there yet I don’t think. Though it feels very exciting to be where we are, I still feel like there’s a really tall mountain to climb. Sometimes it can be frustrating because I’m giving my all and not having some humongous radio smash all over the world.”

“100% could just be on the music. Maybe the music just isn’t good enough. Maybe the world is obsessed with hip hop right now and I’m making the furthest thing from hip hop. It could be a myriad other things, but a part of me wonders sometimes, is the world actually ready right now for what I’m trying to be?” he added.

Sivan has been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights.