Colorado Governor Jared Polis, the nation's first and only openly gay elected governor, on Wednesday criticized President Donald Trump's policy of excluding transgender troops.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court allowed the policy to take effect as four cases challenging the ban move forward.

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Appearing on WBUR's Here & Now, Polis was asked about the high court's move.

"It's unfortunate that President Trump, against the recommendations of our senior military leaders, is excluding perfectly capable soldiers with strong performance ratings simply because of their gender identity,” Polis said. “It makes us weaker as a country and prevents the very cohesion of our military units that lead to a strong defense. So that's unfortunate."

Polis was also asked: “How important is it that you're the first openly gay elected governor of any state?”

“Well, it's never about that,” Polis responded. “It's really about how can I be an effective governor that improves the quality of life for Coloradans. Whatever aspect of diversity you bring to the job is not the yardstick that the voters, straight or gay, will measure your performance by.”

Polis and his longtime partner Marlon Reis are raising two children, son Caspian Julius and daughter Cora Barucha.