After appearing on ABC's The Bachelor, out comedian Billy Eichner floated the idea of a “gay season” of the reality show.

Eichner made a surprise appearance on the show as a “camp counselor” during a summer camp-themed group date.

Speaking with this season's bachelor, Colton Underwood, Eichner poked fun at the 26-year-old's virginity.

“Are you going to wait until you get married?” Eichner asked.

“I'm going to wait until I'm in love,” Underwood answered.

“Fine, you get an award,” Eichner quipped.

“But then you have sex and the sex is bad,” Eichner pointed out.

“There's always room for improvement,” Underwood responded.

“Not a lot,” Eichner said, nodding his head sideways.

“I'm gay. I know that's a shock,” Eichner continued. “That I think you should look into. Maybe you're the first gay bachelor and we don't even know. Put that in your promo.”

In a tweet after the episode aired, Eichner suggested himself as the show's first gay bachelor. “I actually do think it would be cool to do a gay season of The Bachelor...and hey @BachelorABC I'm single.”

A couple of days later, he doubled down on the idea.

“It may sound silly – and I'm not a huge reality show guy honestly – but a gay man as The Bachelor would open up a lot of hearts and minds in this country. I'm just sayin'...,” Eichner said.