In a recent radio interview, out British singer Sam Smith said that he would like to be married and have kids when he is 30, but is willing to be a single dad.

The 26-year-old Smith talked about his future plans during an appearance on the Hits Radio Breakfast Show.

“When I get to 30 years old, I would like kids,” Smith said. “I'd like to step off from touring for a few years and venture into that … I'd like two [kids].”

“I think I need to find a husband first, though, but I can do it alone,” he added.

Last year, Smith split with boyfriend Brandon Flynn, the actor best known for his role on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.

Smith also said that he loves listening to his own music until the songs are released.

“I absolutely love listening to [my songs] before they're released,” Smith said. “Once they're released, something I guess dies. As soon as I release a song, I stop listening to it and it doesn't belong to me anymore.”

“I don't really like the sound of my own voice most of the time,” he added.

Smith is currently touring to promote his second studio album, The Thrill of it All.