Out actor Chris New has said that being open about his sexuality has “restricted” his career.

New starred opposite Tom Cullen, who is straight, in the 2011 critically-acclaimed film Weekend, which follows two men as they fall in love over the course of a weekend.

“I’m known as being an out gay actor,” New told The Guardian. “But I’m not – or, at least, I’m not just that. I’m an actor, yes, and in my private life I have mainly found that men attract me. I don’t see that, or any other singular aspect of my identity, as defining me or as something that I wish to trade on. In my work, I am increasingly allowed to engage in my culture only when that engagement centers on being gay. Being out has done nothing but restrict my career. In the current cultural climate I am invited to participate only on the basis of my supposed oppression. Nothing more is required of me. I live in a cultural ghetto.”

“Any role where the character’s sexuality is their defining characteristic I turn down. Which means I don’t work very much. Or, at least, nowhere near as much as I’d like to,” he added.

When asked how he feels about straight actors playing gay roles, New said: “I really don't mind at all. I just hope they are the best actor. And I quietly wish that the role could be defined as something a little more than just gay.”