The transgender woman who was assaulted in a North Carolina bathroom has called the incident “traumatic.”

Kai, 29, said that she was assaulted by two other women inside the women's bathroom at Milk Bar in Raleigh on December 9.

The women, Amber Harrell, 38, and Jessica Fowler, 31, face second-degree kidnapping and sexual battery charges. If convicted, the women, who have been released on bail, will have to register as sex offenders. Harrell and Fowler are expected to return to court at the end of January.

Speaking with Raleigh-based television station WRAL, Kai said that she had gone into the bathroom at Milk Bar to fix her hair and makeup when Harrell and Fowler began exposing themselves and touching her.

“It became a very uncomfortable situation, something I just did not expect to happen,” Kai told the outlet. “It was just a very, very scary, very claustrophobic, traumatic situation that happened, just being groped and taken advantage of.”

The behavior continued once she returned to the bar. A bartender even asked the women to stop. Kai returned to the bathroom, where she says she had a panic attack.

“It felt hateful. It felt like you're different from us and we want to make fun of the fact that you're different from us,” she continued. “I feel degraded. I feel confused. I feel hurt. The lewd comments and lewd actions that were said and done, I just felt like I was a target.”

Kai said that she didn't initially report the incident because she worried she would not be taken seriously as a transgender woman. She called 911 about 12 hours later.

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