During a The 700 Club segment, Christian conservative Pat Robertson, the show's host, advised a mother on how to stop her teenage son's interest in men.

During the segment, titled “Your Questions Honest Answers,” a viewer named Emma wrote in to ask: “Hello, Pat and friends. I was doing my weekly technology checkup on my 13-year-old son's iPad computer when I noticed homosexual pornographic material in his search history. This has greatly shaken my family and my connection to God. How can we stop my son's homosexual interests?”

“Look, kids are curious about all kinds of stuff,” Robertson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, answered. “They're interested in all kinds of things. So, they're exploring stuff.”

“How can you stop it? I think what you need to do is to cut off that particular avenue that's coming into him, because somebody is trying to seduce your son. And they shouldn't be sending homosexual, or any other kind of sexual, material on the Internet.”

“How do you stop it? Well, you really need to find some technological way of cutting the cord on that one, 'cause it's not good for him or you,” he added.

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