In an Attitude cover story, actor Alex Landi said that an actor's talent should matter more than his or her sexuality when considering gay roles.

In the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy, Landi, whose parents are Korean and Italian, plays Dr. Nico Kim, the show's first gay male surgeon. Kim is currently dating Dr. Levi Schmitt, played by actor Jake Borelli, who recently came out gay.

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“As an actor, I want to do the best job I can in any role, regardless of my own personal sexuality or the character’s,” Landi said. “I just want to do this role proud for the LGBT+ and the Asian communities. If I put in my two cents, the best actor wins.”

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“It comes down to the role breakdown,” he added. “it just falls into whoever can do it the best and what the producer likes. I don’t think it necessarily has to fall into sexual identity. It falls into who can get the job done. There are discussions about transgender actors playing transgender roles, gay actors playing gay roles, and Asian actors speaking up about whitewashing simply because not all actors have equal opportunities. There isn’t a level playing ground. When roles stop being pre-defined by ethnicity and sexual orientation, that is when these discussions will no longer be at the forefront of casting decisions.”

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