Bianca Del Rio, who in 2014 won the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, says she no longer has a “relationship” with the reality drag competition show.

Since appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race, the 43-year-old Del Rio has starred in two films, Hurricane Bianca and Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia With Hate, and a television comedy special, Bianca's Rolodex of Hate. Next month, she'll kick off her fourth comedy tour, It's Jester Joke.

Speaking with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Del Rio said that she's moved on from Drag Race.

“Aside from it being an amazing opportunity, I really don't have a relationship with [the show],” Del Rio said. “I don't watch the show regularly, because of schedules. And also, you know, it's kind of like you experienced it, it's fun, then you have to move on.”

“I don't mean that in a negative way. I don't have any animosity toward it, but all that has kind of been documented. But without that experience, I wouldn't be sitting here with you.”

She also denied that her razor sharp comedy wasn't about hiding some gay trauma she experienced.

“There's a lot that's happened in my life but that doesn't mean it has to be told,” Del Rio said. “How many sad gay stories do we need in the world? Why can't someone just be a clown?”

“I think you just have to keep going and if I become a victim, that's dreadful. There are enough victims. Watch Drag Race if you want a victim, they cry every episode!” she added.