During an episode of her talk show which aired on Friday, out television personality Ellen DeGeneres backed comedian Kevin Hart to host the Oscars.

Hart turned down the gig after he was criticized over old homophobic tweets and jokes. He said that he would rather not host the Oscars than apologize because he's previously apologized.

During his appearance, Hart said that he viewed the criticism as an attack on his character and an attempt to ruin his career, and claimed that he doesn't have a “homophobic bone” in his body.

“I called them,” DeGeneres said, referring to the Academy, whom she claimed still wanted Hart to host its awards show.

“And he should host the Oscars,” she said.

DeGeneres, who married wife Portia de Rossi in 2008, added that if Hart does not host the Oscars, then the “haters” will have won.

“As a gay person, I am sensitive to all of that. You’ve already expressed that it’s not being educated on the subject, not realizing how dangerous those words are, not realizing how many kids are killed for being gay or beaten up every day,” DeGeneres said. “You have grown, you have apologized, you are apologizing again right now. You’ve done it. Don’t let those people win – host the Oscars.”

Response on social media was swift, with many saying that Hart's apology was insincere.

“The only thing @KevinHart4real proved by going on Ellen was that he is a terrible actor with zero genuine remorse who didn't have the decency to address his ignorance,” @HarryCook wrote. “No, they weren't 'haters' who came after you. It was the LGBTQI+ community because we're sick to shit of it.”

“I also believe in forgiveness,” added @Eamon2Plase, referring to a tweet from DeGeneres. “But I also believe that forgiveness requires an actual apology. … And he indignantly refused because he felt his moment was being tainted. That he was the aggrieved.”

“this whole ellen/kevin hart thing is a perfect example of how privilege and constant praise distorts a person's reality so much that they perceive any criticism, however valid, to be an attack on their entire livelihood,” messaged @eleanorbate.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is gay, also questioned Hart's apology, saying that the news outlet could not find those previous apologies that Hart claims he's made.

“For many in the gay community, but especially in the black community, the Twitter apologies or explanations on Ellen have fallen flat,” Lemon said. “To many they seem insincere and that he has somehow turned himself into a victim, instead of acknowledging the real victims of violent and sometimes deadly homophobia. Kevin, if anything, this is the time to hear other people out. To understand why they might have been offended. And I don't see any meaningful outreach to the LGBT community.”

DeGeneres appeared to respond to the backlash, saying in a tweet: “However you feel about this, the only positive way through it is to talk about it. Thank you for being here, @KevinHart4real.”