In an interview with Larry King, out actor Cheyenne Jackson described being married with kids as “the best.”

The 43-year-old Jackson is best known for his roles in the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story. He's also won accolades for his Broadway performances.

In 2014, Jackson married actor Jason Landau. Two years later, the couple welcomed twins, a boy and a girl.

“What's it like to be married with kids?” King, the host of Larry King Now, asked.

“It is the best,” Jackson answered. “We definitely take different roles, naturally. I am a little bit more of a worrier. I'm a little bit more of, I guess, the mom, in terms of I'm very, very emotional and very tactile – the kids are just always on me. But I'm also more of a disciplinarian than Jason. He plays really crazy and wild with them and I'm always worried about them banging their heads against the wall. I like a really super tight schedule, and he's like, 'Let's just go with it, they're fine.'”

Jackson, a recovering alcoholic who has been sober since 2013, also said that he began drinking at 19.

“I never had a terrible rock-bottom where I lost everything,” Jackson said. “My problem was I could never just have a drink or a glass of wine or two.”