Television personality Ellen DeGeneres is among the 10 women on Gallup's annual survey of most admired people.

The 60-year-old DeGeneres, who married actress Portia de Rossi in 2008, is the only LGBT person included on the list.

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Gallup's annual survey asked Americans to name the man and woman living anywhere in the world today whom they admire most. The annual survey, first started in 1946, was conducted December 3-12.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama topped the list of women, followed by Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump. DeGeneres was listed in the 8th spot among women.

Among men, former President Barack Obama clinched the top spot for the 11th year in a row.

“Barack Obama is now just one first-place finish short of tying Dwight Eisenhower for the most times being Most Admired Man, Eisenhower won the distinction 12 times,” Gallup wrote.

President Donald Trump, former President George W. Bush, Pope Francis and Bill Gates rounded out the top 5.