Disney's upcoming action blockbuster Jungle Cruise will feature a coming out scene that leaves out the word “gay.”

In August, the Los Angeles Blade quoted a film producer as saying that British comedian Jack Whitehall will play “a gay man” in the film who is “hugely effete, very camp and very funny.”

According to TMZ, Whitehall's character of McGregor has a coming out scene with Frank (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) in which he discusses his romantic history, makes it clear that he has no interest in women and states that his sister supports him, but does not use the word “gay” to describe himself.

“[S]ources who attended [a test screening of the film] tell TMZ Disney avoids using the word 'gay' when Jack Whitehall's character, McGregor, comes out to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson,” TMZ reported.

Disney faced criticism when it was reported that Whitehall, a straight man, would play the part of McGregor, the studio's first major gay role.

“Your first significant gay role will be played by a straight white man perpetuating stereotypes? Fail! This ship should sink,” out actor Omar Sharif Jr. tweeted.

Jungle Cruise is expected to arrive in 2020.