In an interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, out actor Leslie Jordan talked about working with Lady Gaga on the set of American Horror Story.

The 63-year-old Jordan is best known for playing Beverly Leslie on the NBC comedy Will & Grace. He also played several characters on FX's American Horror Story. He currently plays Sid on CBS' The Cool Kids and Aiden, a straight character, on Sky One's dramedy Living the Dream.

Jordan, who worked with Lady Gaga on the set of American Horror Story, described her as a “night girl” isolated by her fame.

“It's like 3am and she's getting ideas,” he said. “She's a good girl, I genuinely like her but oh... Like, we were in a cornfield in Malibu and shooting this scene and there were helicopters above us. She says: 'They're after me.' I'm like, 'What?' and she goes, 'The photographers can get $100k just from this.' But the helicopters were just putting fires out, I think.”

Jordan added that he dreamed of becoming the “gay version” of Hugh Hefner with “seven twinkly blond boys in their thongs” all over him.

“When I got to Hollywood I wanted a big house up in the Hollywood Hills and I wanted to be the gay version of Hugh Hefner. I wanted seven twinkly blond boys in their thongs all over me and I wanted everyone to come to my house on Sunday and have brunch. But my life is so not that!” Jordan said, noting that his success didn't come until later in life.