In his farewell speech to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, Orrin Hatch, a conservative Republican from Utah, called for protecting the LGBT community from “invidious discrimination.”

According to The Washington Post, Hatch, a Mormon, called for protecting “our LGBTQ brothers and sisters” from “invidious discrimination,” a possible endorsement of the Equality Act, which would protect LGBT individuals from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, education and public accommodations.

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“Religious liberty is a fundamental freedom,” Hatch told fellow senators. “It deserves the very highest protection our country can provide. At the same time, it’s also important to [take] account of other interests as well – especially those of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Pluralism shows us a better way. It shows us that protecting religious liberty and preserving the rights of LGBTQ individuals are not mutually exclusive. I believe we can find substantial common ground on these issues that will enable us to both safeguard the ability of religious individuals to live their faith and protect LGBTQ individuals from invidious discrimination.”

Hatch, 84, scored zero on the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) latest Congressional Scorecard, which measures a lawmaker's support for LGBT rights. HRC included support for the Equality Act in determining a lawmaker's score.

In the 1970s, Hatch was a vocal opponent of allowing “homosexuals” to be teachers, saying that they have a “psychological deficiency.”

“I wouldn't want to see homosexuals teaching school any more than I'd want to see members of the American Nazi Party teaching school,” Hatch told a group of University of Utah students.

While Hatch in 2013 said that marriage equality was inevitable, he has yet to endorse such unions.