St. Louis' only gay monthly newspaper is going on hold till 2010, the Riverfront Times reported.

The Vital Voice is on hold until January 2010 after publishing its September issue.

The paper's owner said she opted for the temporary shutdown of St. Louis' only newspaper exclusively serving the city's gay and lesbian community to concentrate on a makeover for the publication, but she did not disclose details.

“The economics of it all … it just made sense to take the time and money we need to focus on coming out in 2010 the way we want,” Pam Schneider told the paper.

In July, the sudden closure of the New York Blade's print operation came close on the heels of news that the New York-based gay glossy Genre had shuttered its operation. Both publications said the bad economy had prompted their demise.

At the time, Blade executives held out hope of a return but signs of a comeback have yet to materialize.

The Blade counted a circulation of 22,000 readers. The Vital Voice, which began in 2000, boasts a circulation between 13,000 and 15,000 readers. Schneider said the paper's website will continue to be updated.