A West Virginia panel has warned a circuit judge who refuses to marry gay and lesbian couples in his courtroom.

Mineral Circuit Judge Lynn Nelson was issued the warning by the West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission following a complaint filed in October by Fairness West Virginia, which advocates for LGBT rights in West Virginia.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the commission did not charge Nelson with any ethical violations.

β€œIt's against my religious beliefs,” Nelson said. β€œI've allowed same-sex couples to adopt children in my courtroom. I've given them their children back in abuse and neglect cases. On divorce appeals, I've handled them just like everybody else, but I'm just not interested in getting them married. The Supreme Court told me I didn't have to marry anyone I didn't want to.”

In response to the complaint, Nelson decided he won't perform any marriages.

According to Fairness West Virginia, there are four West Virginia counties where all judges have stopped performing marriage ceremonies.