A group of rabbis have forced two venues to cancel on a lesbian comic's planned New Year's Eve event.

According to the New York Daily News, rabbis from the Vaad Harabanim of Flatbush, which certifies whether a restaurant's food is kosher, threatened to pull their religious certification if Forster performed at two local Brooklyn eateries that cater to Jewish clientele.

Leah Forster, who grew up Orthodox and lives in the neighborhood, generally abides by Jewish law as it relates to her stand up act, which pokes fun at the insular Orthodox world she lives in. Forster performs in both Yiddish and English, and only in front of all-female Jewish audiences.

Despite her sexuality not being part of her act, the rabbis said that because Forster is a lesbian, it would be a violation of Jewish law for her to host such an event.

“I am being stripped of my basic human and civil rights solely based on my sexuality plus my religion or lack thereof,” Forster said.

Forster has filed a formal complaint with New York City's Commission on Human Rights, which oversees enforcement of the city's LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination law.

Forster is still selling $50 tickets for a “nite out” in Brooklyn for New Year's Eve. A flier for the event states that it will be held somewhere in Brooklyn and will feature alcohol and kosher food.

“The show must go on!” the flier states. “Once in a lifetime chance to see the show that Rabbi$$ are trying to cancel!”