In a cover interview for UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Donatella Versace describes President Donald Trump as “weak.”

The 63-year-old Italian fashion designer and Versace's chief designer, said that she had grown up “around gay men.”

“Yes, [I was always] around gay men,” Versace said. “But not only gay men, but by artists, real artists: people who left a mark on history. I mean, I met Andy Warhol. I don’t think of him as just a gay person, these people are artists. I had the privilege through Gianni [Versace] and through the gay community to meet intellectual people: to become accustomed, to be educated, to learn about the culture. I was a normal classical girl who went to school and studied history, which I loved as you can see in this house, but my mind was always a clash between this and what was around pop culture and high culture and history.”

When asked about Trump, Versace replied, “It's scary.”

“It’s scary, it cannot go on like this,” she said. “And I know for that, in my position in fashion, we can still have a conversation about politics. It’s so horrible. This is like going back to the past, looking back in history. We live in a very scary moment for our freedom, for the freedom of everybody. So, this is a moment to talk about it and say, ‘Guys, listen: don’t be seduced by what you think is a strong man. That’s not a strong man; that’s a weak man using those words to put fear in you.'”