At a recent panel discussion, Queer Eye's fashion guy Tan France said that he joined the reality makeover show because he wanted President Donald Trump to see his “gay Muslim” face.

Netflix's reboot, now in its second season, is filmed in conservative Georgia and Missouri.

France, along with cast members Bobby Berk (design), Karamo Brown (culture) and Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), spoke on a panel to promote their new lifestyle book, Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life, at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater in New York City.

“I didn't want to do the show because I was scared,” France said. “My husband encouraged me to do it for this reason: I represent so many things that [the Trump] administration definitely doesn't appreciate.”

“I'm a first-generation immigrant, I'm a gay Muslim, all of those things they don't want to see on TV.”

“I was hoping that people would see me and my brothers on TV and would say, 'They do deserve our love and respect. They are just like us. They've got every right to speak as much as anyone else.' So, I took this job for that reason alone. Trump [is] in power and I want to show him my face.”

France, 35, added that he lied to his Pakistani parents about his career choice.

“I started my first year of college to study psychology. I hated every hour of it. And so, I had to lie and tell my parents I was going to college everyday. I dropped out and applied to fashion college and only when I graduated I was like, 'Oh shit you guys, I'm not going to be a doctor. I'm going to be fabulous.'”

Season 3 of Queer Eye is expected to arrive in 2019.