A high school in Virginia on Thursday fired a teacher for refusing to use a transgender student's chosen pronouns.

According to the AP, French teacher Peter Vlaming's firing by the West Point School Board was unanimous.

The board voted to dismiss Vlaming for insubordination after conducting a four-hour public hearing.

Vlaming, 47, referred to the student, who transition over the summer to male, using female pronouns in conversations with other people.

Vlaming informed administrators that his Christian faith prevented him from referring to the student with male pronouns after a “slip-up” in which he called the student “she.”

West Point High Principal Jonathan Hochman testified that he told Vlaming to use male pronouns to address the student.

Laura Abel, superintendent of West Point schools, said that the student and family “felt disrespected” when asked about a compromise – proposed by Vlaming – to address the student by his name and avoid female pronouns.

Vlaming said that he was considering a legal challenge.

“I do think it's a serious question of First Amendment rights,” he said.