In an interview with the Independent, Olly Alexander, the out frontman for Years & Years, said that there's “entrenched homophobia behind the scenes at all levels of the music industry.”

The 28-year-old Alexander is a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, advocating for safer sex and against the bullying of LGBT youth.

“I think the reason I've been so committed to advocacy is because I see so many people in pain,” Alexander said. “We're seeing a lot of infiltration of mainstream spaces, which is super exciting and positive, but … I don't know if I'd call it a tipping point. I just don't know if the perception of that 'successful' queer pop narrative is reflected in the realities of people's lives.”

“A lot of the fans who message me are really suffering. I really do worry there isn't enough being done to help – enough provision in place,” he said.

The British singer, songwriter and actor also commented on the music industry, saying that it remains “entrenched” in homophobia.

“There's entrenched homophobia behind the scenes at all levels of the music industry. It's got so much better, but I think it's gonna take a radical shift before these men who are in control of the funds and the labels and the radio stations are gonna be okay with overt queerness. They see it as turning off part of the audience,” Alexander said.