In a cover interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, actor Cheyenne Jackson discusses his struggle with addiction and becoming a father.

The 43-year-old Jackson is best known for his roles in the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story. He's also won accolades for his Broadway performances.

Jackson told Attitude that he's been sober for five years.

“My biggest thing was booze, but I definitely liked cocaine and [other] party drugs [such as] ecstasy,” he said. “I was in that world and it was what you did. You were at a party and there would just be a pile of coke there. It got out of hand. My life became unmanageable.”

“I didn't have a 'thing' where I lost my job. I was never drunk at work. It was simply getting too much. I couldn't even go out to dinner, or have a moment with friends, where I wasn't thinking about drinking, and the drinking always led to 'Let's get some coke.'”

“It was an unhealthy pattern and I'd seen too many friends fall deeper and deeper, losing everything. I wasn't doing to let myself do that. I didn't go to rehab, I just started going to meetings and got my shit together,” he added.

Two years after marrying actor Jason Landau in 2014, the couple welcomed twins, a boy and a girl.

“We both wanted to have biological children, and we had a lot of friends who had gone through it and had wonderful experiences. Being there while your children are born, immediately having skin on skin...,” Jackson said. “If you've ever seen yourself as a mother or father, you want to see yourself.”

“I'm focused on my marriage, my sobriety and my fatherhood – just trying to raise good people,” he added.