During an emotional speech to parliament on Thursday, British MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle revealed he is HIV-positive.

The 32-year-old Russell-Moyle said that he received the diagnosis in 2009.

“Next year I will be marking an anniversary of my own, 10 years since I became HIV positive,” said Russell-Moyle.

“It has been a long journey from the fear of acceptance and, from today, advocacy, knowing my treatment keeps me healthy and that it protects any partner I have,” he said.

He described his HIV viral load as “undetectable.”

Russell-Moyle, a member of the opposition Labour Party, said that he decided to come out to help mark World AIDS Day on December 1.

“In two days time, on World AIDS Day, I will stand with my community to mourn the losses of those who have died of AIDS,” he said. “I will stand there in the knowledge that I will live a life so many couldn't.”

“We have the ability to end new HIV transmissions as well as end stigma and discrimination, not only here, but globally, and I hope we can all make that our mission,” he added.

Parliament members gave Russell-Moyle a standing ovation.

Russell-Moyle is the second MP to disclose that he's HIV-positive. In 2005, former Labour Cabinet minister Chris Smith announced he was HIV-positive.