Vice President Mike Pence is being criticized for failing to mention the LGBT community in a speech marking World AIDS Day.

In his speech, Pence praised HIV/AIDS programs President Donald Trump sought to cut and credited the president with bringing a “renewed energy and focus” to the fight to end the epidemic.

Pence said that the U.S. will continue to invest resources in faith-based organizations “on the frontlines of the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

“This new investment of $100 million in faith-based organizations will increase the funding to those organizations by a full third,” Pence said. “And this will make a world of difference, we believe, in countless lives affected by this disease.”

While government statistics show that gay and bisexual men in 2016 accounted for 67 percent of new HIV cases diagnosed in the United States, Pence failed to mention how the epidemic has impacted the LGBT community.

Pence touted the Ryan White CARE Act, which provides health coverage for low-income people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and PEPFAR, which distributes antiviral drugs in countries most affected by the disease, programs the Trump administration sought to reduce in its latest budget proposal.

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, criticized the White House's decision to feature Pence, viewed as an opponent of LGBT rights, to mark World AIDS Day.

“@mike_pence marking #WorldAIDSDay right now is truly the height of hypocrisy. From spreading misinformation about condom use, to contributing to a major outbreak of HIV & AIDS in his home state, Pence has put ideology before the health & lives of countless people. #RealMikePence,” Griffin said in a tweet.