In a recent interview, Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black said that he believes Harvey Milk “would have gone directly after” President Donald Trump.

Speaking with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Black, who is raising a son with husband Tom Daley, said that Harvey would have seen Trump as an opportunity to energize the LGBT community. The Trump administration has proposed prohibiting transgender troops and limiting the definition of sex discrimination to exclude sexual orientation and gender identity.

“I think Harvey Milk would have gone directly after Trump,” Black said. “He would have seen Trump as an opportunity to get the LGBTQ community to re-engage, to shake off any complacency.”

Tuesday marked 40 years since Milk, the first openly gay elected official of a major U.S. city, was murdered at San Francisco City Hall. He was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 on a pledge to back gay and lesbian rights. The following year, Milk was killed by Dan White, a former supervisor, on November 27.

Director Gus Van Sant's 2008 film Milk was based on Milk's life. Sean Penn played Milk in the film, while Josh Brolin portrayed White. Black won an Oscar for his screenplay.

“Forty years later, we're still talking about this revolutionary idea that he had. That by coming out you could dispel myths and stereotypes. It was an incredibly helpful message for people who didn't have a whole lot of hope before gay liberation lit up,” he added.