Queer Eye's culture guy Karamo Brown has said that planning his upcoming wedding gave his fiance a panic attack.

Brown, 38, got engaged to fiance Ian Jordan in May.

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The Fab Five appeared Tuesday on a panel at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre in New York City.

“This is a true story, it's sad but it's also funny,” Brown told the audience. “This Thanksgiving, we spent the first couple of hours in the emergency room because he had a severe anxiety attack. He thought it was a heart attack.”

“He's been talking about the wedding!” Brown said that he told doctors.

The couple is planning a large three-day wedding, which Brown described as a “wedding event.”

“[For] the Friday night of our three-day wedding event, I just paid for a Ferris wheel. I'm not even joking,” he said.

The Fab Five are currently promoting their new book, Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life.

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