A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $100,000 for a gay college athlete's living expenses after she was disowned by her family over her sexuality.

Emily Scheck, a sophomore at Canisius College in Buffalo, where she is pursuing a business degree and runs cross-country and track, first told Outsports.com that her parents, after discovering a photo of their daughter on social media with her girlfriend, threatened to disown her if she did not return home from college and attend counseling.

“Because you disgust me,” Scheck said that her mother told her in a text message.

After Scheck refused, her family packed up her belongings and birth certificate, traveled to Buffalo and left them in her parked car.

Even with two jobs, Scheck was unable to fund her school and living expenses. Her roommate created a GoFundMe online campaign with the hopes of raising $5,000.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) initially told Scheck that she could not accept the donations. Officials reversed themselves last week, saying that Scheck could retain her eligibility and accept donations for her expenses.

“NCAA rules and waiver precedent allow a school to assist a student-athlete with a fundraiser after a significant life-event occurs,” the NCAA said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Scheck said that she would stop accepting donations after raising $100,515 from 2,573 donors.

“I now know that family is not always something you have, but something you find,” Scheck said in a statement. “The positive outreach has been unbelievable.”

Scheck's father told The Buffalo News that they love and accept their daughter.