At least seven LGBT couples traveling with a caravan of asylum seekers participated in a symbolic mass wedding ceremony on Saturday.

According to The Telegraph, the couples married after the caravan of thousands arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border town of Tijuana.

Video from the ceremony shows one couple, Pedro Nehemias Pastor de Leon from Guatemala and Erick Alexander Duran Reyes from Honduras, exchanging wedding rings and sharing a kiss.

“This is a dream come true, because in our countries you don't see this and we always wanted it and today we have this opportunity and we are very happy, really happy,” Nehemias Pastor told the paper in Spanish.

The migrants are fleeing violence in Central America. According to Amnesty International, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are facing murder rates three to eight times higher than what the World Health Organization defines as epidemic.

“We decided to join [the migrant caravan] because there's a lot of discrimination and a lot of poverty in our towns,” said Duran Reyes in Spanish.

It could take months for the U.S. to process the thousands of migrants arriving from Central America.