In an interview with CNN, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about coming out and President Donald Trump's plan to define gender by a person's genitalia at birth, a move which would have the chilling effect of excluding transgender people from protections in existing federal civil rights law.

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Speaking with Christiane Amanpour for her program on CNN International and PBS, Cook said that he was “proud” of his decision to come out and the distinction of being the first openly gay CEO of a major company.

Being gay is “God's greatest gift to me,” said Cook, who came out in 2014. “Because in doing so I learned what it was like to be in a minority.”

Cook added that while he faced bullying growing up, his family accepted his sexuality.

When asked about Trump's plan to end transgender recognition, Cook said that he wasn't surprised.

“It doesn't surprise me, unfortunately, because I grew up and I saw discrimination my whole life,” Cook said. “I think each generation has a responsibility to increase and expand the definition of human rights. And I feel that.”