During an appearance this week on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show, former First Lady Michelle Obama talked about evading White House security to celebrate the Supreme Court's 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

“When you’re in the residence, there’s so much bulletproof glass that sometimes you don’t hear what’s going on outside,” Obama said. “And we were having dinner and we knew there was a celebration happening but we didn’t realize that thousands of people were gathering in front of the White House at that time to celebrate. And my staff was calling me, everybody was celebrating, people were crying, and I thought, I want to be in that. Also, we had worked to make sure that the White House was lit up in the LGBT colors. It was beautiful.”

Obama said that neither then-President Barack Obama nor daughter Sasha were interested in joining the celebration outside, but that she did manage to recruit eldest daughter Malia to join her.

She said that she and Malia used the stairs to evade security but that a locked door kept them from exiting the White House. After some time, they managed to get outside.

“We stood along with all the cheering crowd, off to the side, mind you, so no one would see us, with security surrounding us, and we tried to have our tender mother-daughter moment. But we just took it in. I held her tight and my feeling was, we are moving forward. Change is happening,” Obama said.