In an interview with CNN, former NFL player Jeff Rohrer said that he hopes his coming out gay opens the door for other athletes to come out.

Rohrer, 59, came out in an interview with The New York Times.

On Sunday, he'll become the first known NFL player in a same-sex marriage after he and Joshua Ross, the 36-year-old founder of the skin-care company SkinLab, exchange vows in Los Angeles.

Rohrer, who went on to become a successful commercial producer, told CNN that had he come out gay during his football career – six seasons with the Dallas Cowboys – he wouldn't have been a Cowboy.

“I was drafted in '82, and, you know, it was a different time back then,” Rohrer said. “People were just different and being gay was not part of any kind of narrative. And today with the millennials, and certainly I've got two teenage kids, everybody is extremely supportive.”

“I didn't expect the kind of love and kindness from all the friends and family and ex-teammates from Yale to Dallas who are all reaching out.”

When asked about when we might see a current NFL player in a same-sex marriage, Rohrer answered, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“You know, somebody had to break the ice. It's not the reason Josh and I did it. We did it because, you know, we fell in love and wanted to get married, but this hopefully will open the door for other people to feel more comfortable knowing that people are supportive,” Rohrer said.